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Stanislaus Law Enforcement Agencies need help in locating the persons featured on this page. Please help us to bring these people to justice by calling 209-521-INFO (4636) or 1-866-60CRIME or using the Tips Page.

Jose Moreno
Wanted As Of: 6/30/2016


Name: Moreno, Jose 
Alias: Jose Antonio Castaneda Moreno
Sex:Male Race:Hispanic
Age:37 DOB:1/27/1981
Height:5'9" Weight:190 lbs
Hair:Black Eyes:Brown

Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department is looking for help from the community in locating this suspect. He is wanted for kidnapping, rape and criminal threats.


Manuel Mendez
Wanted As Of: 3/9/2016


Name: Mendez, Manuel 
Alias: N/A
Sex:Male Race:Hispanic
Age:41 DOB:05/28/1977
Height:5'07 Weight:170 lbs
Hair:Black Eyes:Brown

Modesto Police are looking for MENDEZ on a charge of Burglary.


Clarence Moore
Wanted As Of: 8/26/2015


Name: Moore, Clarence 
Alias: N/A
Sex:Male Race:Black
Height:N/A Weight:N/A
Hair:N/A Eyes:N/A

CLARENCE MOORE is wanted by Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department for Murder. On July 1, 2015 at 0930 hours deputies responded to the 1700 block of Donald Street for a report of a shooting. Deputies arrived to find 49-year-old Louie Ramos suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Through the investigation it was learned that Clarence Frederick Moore was the person that killed Ramos. Moore is currently on the run and there is a warrant out for his arrest for homicide. Anybody with information can contact Detective David Hickman at 209-525-7042.


Eric Sanchez
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Wanted As Of: 1/28/2015


Name: Sanchez, Eric Padilla
Alias: N/A
Sex:Male Race:Hispanic
Age:24 DOB:06/28/1994
Height:5'11 Weight:170 lbs
Hair:Blond Eyes:Brown

Ceres Police are asking for assistance in locating these two men wanted for Murder. On 12/26/2014 several members of a street gang known as 'DSSM Norteno' were involved in a bar fight where the suspect was shot and killed. These two men have been identified as the suspects. If you know their location please call. (DR/CPD) (Suspect 1: Eric PADILLLA-SANCHEZ DOB: 06-28-1994, Suspect 2: Luis MARTINEZ 05-04-1994)


Tony Macias
Wanted As Of: 8/21/2014


Name: Macias, Tony Aurelio
Alias: N/A
Sex:Male Race:Hispanic
Age:25 DOB:05/20/1993
Height:5'08 Weight:210 lbs
Hair:Black Eyes:Brown

There is an additional $2500 REWARD for the arrest of this individual being offered. MACIAS has warrants out of Modesto Police & Ceres Police on weapons charges. He is also a person of interest for an ongoing homicide investigation. Please contact Crime Stoppers if you have any information about him or his location.


Raymond Ramos
Wanted As Of: 1/16/2014


Name: Ramos, Raymond Sepulveda
Alias: Raymond R. Sepulveda Raymond Veda
Sex:Male Race:Hispanic
Age:27 DOB:09/09/1991
Height:6'00 Weight:280 lbs
Hair:Brown Eyes:Brown

RAMOS is wanted by Modesto Police on a warrant charging narcotics, spousal abuse and parolee at large. If you know his whereabouts please call.


Gabriel Calderon
Wanted As Of: 11/20/2013

Sex Offenses 

Name: Calderon, Gabriel 
Alias: N/A
Sex:Male Race:Hispanic
Age:26 DOB:08/11/1992
Height:5'08 Weight:150 lbs
Hair:Brown Eyes:Brown

Stanislaus County Sheriffs Dept holds an active warrant for CALDERON charging Lewd Acts on a Child.


Timothy Babb
Wanted As Of: 10/31/2013


Name: Babb, Timothy Allan
Alias: N/A
Sex:Male Race:Caucasian
Age:55 DOB:07/19/1963
Height:5'10 Weight:168 lbs
Hair:Blond Eyes:Blue

BABB is wanted by Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department on numerous warrants for narcotics, grand theft and other charges. If he is seen in California please contact Crime Stoppers.


Sergio Mercado
Wanted As Of: 7/11/2013


Name: Mercado, Sergio 
Alias: N/A
Sex:Male Race:Hispanic
Age:23 DOB:02/24/1995
Height:6'02 Weight:140 lbs
Hair:Black Eyes:Brown

Stanislaus Sheriff's Department holds an active warrant for Mercado for the charge of homicide. Mercado is believed to be the responsible in a homicide that occurred on 04/19/13 in the area of Dallas and Lassen Avenues in Modesto. He is possibly in the Hayward or Fremont area. Any information please contact Stanislaus Sheriff Detective David Hickman 209-525-7042.


Francisco Carranza
Wanted As Of: 6/26/2013


Name: Carranza, Francisco Meza
Alias: N/A
Sex:Male Race:Hispanic
Age:32 DOB:10/04/1986
Height:5'11 Weight:210 lbs
Hair:Brown Eyes:Brown

CARRANZA is wanted by Modesto Police on charges of Murder. The Murder of Victim Juan Gabriel Barajas occurred on 6/27/2007 . One suspect has been arrested and CARRANZA is still wanted in connection with this murder. Please call if you know his whereabouts.


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